Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strange and Unusual Tour: The Island of Dolls

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to going on holiday. People enjoy hiking, camping, going for game drives or soaking on the sun by the beach. However, following a blog on Nomadic Matt's Site people are now enjoying what we would call "visits to horror islands!"

Known as “La Isla de la Munecas” in Spanish, the ‘Island of the Dolls’ is perhaps one of the creepiest tourist attractions in the world.

The story of this Island in South of Mexico City began when a hermit named Don Julian Santana moved to the island after reportedly leaving his wife for some unknown reason and decided to spend the last 50 years of his life living alone.

The tours to this creepy island came about after the death of Don Julian Santana who was found dead in 2001 by his nephew, in a canal where a little girl drowned with the “haunted” aspect of this story supposedly began when three girls once visited the island and while playing in the water, one of the girls drowned. As a result of her death, her restless spirit haunted the island. Yes, it does kind of sound like a scene from a movie but this is real. Julian, initially put up one doll to ward off this paranormal peril and help put the girls soul to rest so she could pass on to the next life. However, the “activity “of the girl’s ghost only increased with  more and more dolls being placed in the trees in an endeavor to placate the said girl’s spirit. Apparently, Julian only left the island when he was going to get more dolls. It is said that he even used to trade food for dolls. It is also said that each doll holds a portion of the girl’s spirit.

The island was on the Syfy Channel show “Destination Truth”, where a paranormal investigation team spent the night. They apparently saw apparitions and heard voices!

Now, would you like to visit this Island in Mexico?

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