Monday, May 23, 2011

A day of Glitz and Glam: The Annual Uniglobe Awards Conference

This year was a blast for the Kenya Uniglobe Travel Agents! Marked with glitz and glam, for the first time ever, the Annual Uniglobe Awards were held in Nairobi, Kenya. The event was marked with 100% of 5 star excellence, with the conference being held in Kenya's very own 5 star hotel, Ole Sereni!

We all arrived at the hotel by 9.00 a.m, dressed in matching, Uniglobe embroided black and white T-shirts and were welcomed with fresh pastries and hot tea, to warm us up for the event and from the cold weather. The morning started of with astounding speeches and presentations from Uniglobe International's President Martin H. Charlwood, Uniglobe Sub-Sahara President Mike Gray and Uniglobe preferred suppliers and event sponsors which featured the likes of Kenya Airways, South African Airways, Equatorial Bank among many others! 

Our staff, Uniglobe Let's Go Travel were among the lucky winners with over five (5) consultants being awarded in gold, silver and bronze categories, two (2) sales executives got awarded in gold and silver categories respectively and administration department got over five(5) awards! To top it all, our General manager was a finalist in the category for Travel Manger of the year and yes she won, making her the best Uniglobe travel manger for 2011!!!

The event was patent with excitement and happiness. Great business ideas, pleasantries and networking floating in the room! On a fun note, we had a raffle draw and most of Lets Go Travel walked away with fantastic electronics and gadgets including items such us phones and digital cameras! 

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