Friday, June 22, 2012

Skiing in 2013 - Another Great Plan!

In the past years, we Uniglobe Lets Go Travel have always organized Ski Trips for individuals interested in skiing. The fun filled adventure is mostly viewed as a sport, however it can just be simply an adventurous trip!

What is Skiing?

Skiing is a way of travelling over snow, using skis strapped to one's feet. In modern times it has been mostly an athletic activity. Skis are used in conjunction with boots that connect to the ski with use of a binding. Commonly, ski poles or "stocks" are used to improve balance and timing as well as for propulsion.

Skiing in 2013

Plans for the next Lets Go Ski Trip are complete! We shall be returning to Zurs, near Lech, in Austria, where we have had 9 successful ski holidays in the past! The plan is to fly from Nairobi on the night of Saturday 30th March, returning on the daylight flight on Monday 8th April, or if you prefer a longer holiday, on Wednesday 10th. Zurs is a great place for skiers of all abilities, most importantly it has a good reputation for late snow!

Full details and other information, any queries and for bookings, kindly email Sue Dixson.

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