Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Low season is here yet again!

Need to go for a holiday?
When we talk about taking a holiday,there is that exciting feeling you get of visiting a place you have never been or enjoying that relaxing time off from your usual day to day activities! However, there is always that second thought of the high cost that you may have to spend to get that desired holiday. It is true to say that high season usually carries the sweet high points of travel such us viewing the wildebeest  migration at the Mara or enjoying the white sandy beaches on new year's eve!It is also true to say that your pocket(budget)speaks louder than any feeling or voice in your head and thus should learn how to speak back to your pocket when you need to take that getaway!

Low season
In Kenya, low season falls between 01st April - 30th June and there is also another "short" low season from 01st November - 15th December.These periods usually have lowered tariffs for accomodation, road transport and airlines meaning that if you do not want to spend alot or you are on a tight budget, this is a much desired time to take that vaccation. Most hotels and lodges have special offers / discounts which are usually very appealing.It is important to note than in occasion the special offer / discount is not available,the rate will be much lower compared to the high season rate.

Book that holiday
If you have been considering to go on a trip and thoght you would end up spending alot, why not contact your agent and find out how much it is to take that trip considering 01st April is just around the corner?Time to turn that holiday dream into a reality!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The first and only tented camp in the Nairobi National Park; Nairobi Tented Camp

In March 2010, the idea of a camp in Nairobi National Park ceased to be a mere dream, and plans started to take hold. A year on, and our fully-functioning luxury camp is up and running; to the delight of both our overseas guests, and especially the residents of Nairobi, who at last are able to enjoy their park like never before. Visitors from all over are often surprised by the diversity of the park and its plethora of wildlife, and finally people are becoming aware of it's importance, as well as the need to help protect it. As such, NTC is involved in many aspects of the Park's conservation,including litter clean-ups, wildlife reporting and more.

The last few months have been exciting for Nairobi Tented Camp. Ever better game viewing is being enjoyed by guests on game drives, and a few friendly noses have been seen peeking into camp; our resident family of warthogs for one, who enjoy watching us eat breakfast while they snort and snuffle from the seasonal pools.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did you think with the dry season the animals in the Mara would disappear?

Following a newsletter we received from Governor's Camp Collection our hearts were restored with peace knowing that we are not just sending tourists to the Mara hoping they get to see the game due to the dry season, but the truth of the matter is that they can still view a high number of game, rain or no rain!

The report said that following some rain early in the month, there were sightings of  large herds of Zebra's moving in the park to graze during the day and out of the reserve at night  where lions are scarcer and the Zebra feel safer.

Wildebeest have also been sighted, sensing a change in the seasons, they have begun to calve, most of them moving to the park boundaries with those in Serengeti expected to be calving about now down at Lake Ndutu and towards Olduvai gorge.

Other animals  such as elephants , Cheetahs etc have also been sighted and with the hopes of long rains coming in a few weeks only means that  more of the animals will be seen!

In an interesting twist the Tanzania government have announced its intentions to proceed with the highly debated road construction between Arusha and Lake Victoria via the Serengeti in defiance of all the international pressure to re-route the highway outside Serengeti. Obviously, this is bound to distract the animal migration which in the past has attracted thousands of tourists for the two countries;Tanzania and Kenya, that host the Maasai Mara and Serengeti.For more details about the road construction check out

Now what do you make of this?
Animal images courtesy of Governor's camp newsletter.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catch Me If You Can: Wildebeest Vs Crocodile

I will get you and make a meal out of you....!
Not in a million years will you get me....!
I told you would never make a meal out of me...!
The following images were taken by Photographer Andrey Gudkov,who explained the story depicted by the images. He said 'The crocodiles guarded the river waiting for any wildebeest to cross. This wildebeest saw the crocodile but it was impossible to avoid an attack.The crocodile hustled it away from the main group and attacked like lightning but the wildebeest was no pushover.During a tussle she jumped out of the water, leaving her predator no chance"

Kenya's Maasai Mara is a world known national park because of the annual thousands of wildebeest migration that leave tourists in awe! In most cases people may want to visit the Mara but shy away thinking that it would cost a fortune.However, this is not true.

The Mara hosts a number of Eco-friendly "high end market" and "low cost budget" lodges and camps. There are also possibilities of going camping in the park, therefore assuring you of spending what you are comfortable with, so why not plan a trip to the Mara and more so, if you have already been there, why not relieve the experience a fresh?There is always something new to see every time you visit this heaven on earth.

Images and wildebeest story courtesy of