Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tips For A Budget Safari

In the current economy and future economy, all people tend to think and speak of is how they need to trim their budget. With this common need arising, people need to consider ways of sustaining themselves yet still enjoy those little pleasures of life such as vacations!

Tips for a budget safari:

1. Set a budget
This sounds funny because we are giving you tips for a budget, but think of will not be able to save any money if you do not know how much you have in order to spend it. Therefore to solve the problem you must start down from the root and work your way up the plant.


2. Deals and Promotions / Weekend Getaways
In most circumstances when you plan a holiday, you already have an idea of what you want to experience while on your trip. For example, you want to go somewhere where there is a beach.... we recommend that you ask your travel planner/ agent to always inform you on the deals and promotions that meet stays within the coast area. Usually there are always promotions running which typically are designed to save you some money or add a little bit extra to your trip.

3. Know the seasons
This is a big one! If you know and understand the travel patterns to the destination you are travelling to... then you are able to predict when is the most pocket friendly period for you to enjoy that holiday! In Kenya the most commonly used seasons are (January – March) High season, (April –June) Low season, (July – October) Peak Season, (November – 20th December) Mid Season, (21st December – 1st January) Peak Season.  This however is not definite as some hotels and lodges have their own categories of seasons. It is advisable to always enquire before booking as opposed to assuming.

4. Affordable destinations
We are pretty sure if you had the chance to visit the moon at an affordable amount, then we would probably all have done it by now, however we make the most of what we have thus settle for what we can afford.

5. Book Early
In our experience booking early means you have wider options thus a variety therefore getting the most out of your budget. In terms of flights, we hugely specify...the earlier you book your flight tickets, the better the chance of getting the cheapest ticket. We live in a cost cutting environment; therefore it will always be a scramble for the why wait for the last minute to put up a fight for that cheap room or flight ticket?