Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did you think with the dry season the animals in the Mara would disappear?

Following a newsletter we received from Governor's Camp Collection our hearts were restored with peace knowing that we are not just sending tourists to the Mara hoping they get to see the game due to the dry season, but the truth of the matter is that they can still view a high number of game, rain or no rain!

The report said that following some rain early in the month, there were sightings of  large herds of Zebra's moving in the park to graze during the day and out of the reserve at night  where lions are scarcer and the Zebra feel safer.

Wildebeest have also been sighted, sensing a change in the seasons, they have begun to calve, most of them moving to the park boundaries with those in Serengeti expected to be calving about now down at Lake Ndutu and towards Olduvai gorge.

Other animals  such as elephants , Cheetahs etc have also been sighted and with the hopes of long rains coming in a few weeks only means that  more of the animals will be seen!

In an interesting twist the Tanzania government have announced its intentions to proceed with the highly debated road construction between Arusha and Lake Victoria via the Serengeti in defiance of all the international pressure to re-route the highway outside Serengeti. Obviously, this is bound to distract the animal migration which in the past has attracted thousands of tourists for the two countries;Tanzania and Kenya, that host the Maasai Mara and Serengeti.For more details about the road construction check out

Now what do you make of this?
Animal images courtesy of Governor's camp newsletter.

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