Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Low season is here yet again!

Need to go for a holiday?
When we talk about taking a holiday,there is that exciting feeling you get of visiting a place you have never been or enjoying that relaxing time off from your usual day to day activities! However, there is always that second thought of the high cost that you may have to spend to get that desired holiday. It is true to say that high season usually carries the sweet high points of travel such us viewing the wildebeest  migration at the Mara or enjoying the white sandy beaches on new year's eve!It is also true to say that your pocket(budget)speaks louder than any feeling or voice in your head and thus should learn how to speak back to your pocket when you need to take that getaway!

Low season
In Kenya, low season falls between 01st April - 30th June and there is also another "short" low season from 01st November - 15th December.These periods usually have lowered tariffs for accomodation, road transport and airlines meaning that if you do not want to spend alot or you are on a tight budget, this is a much desired time to take that vaccation. Most hotels and lodges have special offers / discounts which are usually very appealing.It is important to note than in occasion the special offer / discount is not available,the rate will be much lower compared to the high season rate.

Book that holiday
If you have been considering to go on a trip and thoght you would end up spending alot, why not contact your agent and find out how much it is to take that trip considering 01st April is just around the corner?Time to turn that holiday dream into a reality!

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