Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Safari Guides Go a Long Way!

When planning a safari, most people will think of where will they go? Where will they stay? What will they eat? How will they get there? and many more questions. However, rarely will people think of " who will be my safari guide?" A question that may seem not so important but it is very important.

Why is it important?
A good safari guide ensures that they will take you through the heart of the safari which is the experience in the Jungle. He/ she will make sure that if you are on a game drive and you happen to drive through a Lion, the guide will point out all you need to know or see about that Lion. If you want to know about the culture of the people (say the Maasai), the guide should be able to answer you appropriately. Basically a guide's product knowledge on what he is "guiding" you on, should be super. This is because it means that at the end of your tour, if not all...most of your questions should be perfectly answered.

The Fun must be involved
People usually have a lot of reasons for going on a holiday.One of those reasons being;Fun!! A fun, enjoyable guide will entail that his /her guiding is not turned into a lecture!The last thing you need when you are on holiday is to have someone who drains out the fun of your safari.An energetic,fun and enjoyable guide will definitely make sure your safari experience is remarkable and memorable.So while planning that safari make sure to ask your agent on who your safari guide is?Are they well experienced and have great product knowledge? but most importantly...Is their tour guiding a fun experience? 
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