Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What everyone is talking about: The Royal Wedding!

In the midst of everything happening in the world, everybody is pretty much aware that in less than 48 hours, the wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton is going to take place. The wedding has been dubbed such a big event that at least six out of every ten news channels either on TV, radio or online have the latest news about the wedding!

The 1902 State Landau Carriage set to carry the bride and groom from the service
Interestingly enough, flights to London and accommodation in London have become almost impossible to find availability with their tourism facing a major boost. In Kenya alone, at least two broadcasting TV stations are already advertising of how they will broadcast the whole wedding live!

Following a recent newsletter by the TripAdvisor, they advised of some of the things you could do while in England, or places you could visit. These could be treated as pre or post tours in accordance to the royal wedding!

1. The Tower of London - founded towards end of 1066,built in 1078 and as a part of the Norman Conquest of England.

2. The Beatles Story - Located in Liverpool's historic Albert Dock, the Beatles story is a unique visitor attraction  that is said to transport you on an enlightening and atmospheric journey into the life,times, culture and music of the legendary Beatles.

3. The Roman Baths - After work the Romans enjoyed a public bath at the thermae, something similar to the health clubs that we usually have now. They Baths had reading area, saunas, steams, exercise areas etc. These were considered a  social meeting place.

4. The Royal Pavillion - Located in Brighton, The Royal Pavillion is a former royal residence located built in the early 19th century as a seaside retreat for the prince regent, who later became King George IV, who visited Britain in 1783 due to his physician advising him that the seawater would be beneficial to his gout. This is also where he would meet his companion Ms Fitzherbert although it was illegal due to her Catholic religion.

5. The London Eye - Originally known as the millennium wheel, it was built in the year 2000, used as a metaphor for the end of the 20th Century.The London Eye is also seen as an iconic landmark and symbol of modern Britain.
London Eye

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