Monday, May 16, 2011

Two more White Rhino's Killed in the Mara - The continuing saga of poaching

On Thursday last week we received reports that in the past 2 weeks two White Rhino's had been killed as a result of poaching in Africa's most known National park, Maasai Mara. This is rather very sad because not only are the Rhino an endangered species but countless efforts are being done to curb poaching but all so far is proving not being worthwhile.

This topic has been highlighted in the media countless times but somehow these killers are still penetrating in our parks and finding ways to undertake their unlawful and cruel act.The looming question now is what more should we do tho stop poaching? This act even makes us doubt our efforts; are we doing enough or what more should we do?

White Rhino being released
However, after the incident the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) successfully carried out a translocation exercise of a white rhino from the Maasai Mara to the Nairobi National Park (NNP).

The 16-year old male rhino which previously lived at a private ranch in Ol Choro Roua area in the Mara had been frequently crossing over to the communities in the area further increasing the dangers to its life. KWS Southern Conservation Area Assistant Director, Mr. Wilson Korir, said that the move was taken to protect the rhino and provide it with a safe and secure habitat. However the KWS failed to mention that the relocation was carried out to protect the rhino from the poachers that have already killed the two mentioned above.
The white rhino will join 11 others currently living at the park that were brought in last year from Lake Nakuru National Park in a similar exercise. The translocation will enhance and increase the genetic breeding structure of the current rhino population at the park.

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  1. As long as there is the chinese market, rhinos will continue to be killed in africa. Im actually drawing a correlation with the revamped poaching to the increased chinese presence in Africa. However unfortunate this statement sounds, it is nevertheless true.