Monday, January 17, 2011

Travel agent vs Internet

In the recent past we have seen the internet woo a high percentage of travelers in the travel industry. Travellers are opting to use the internet as compared to the traditional way of using a travel agent. This is a good sign of technological development, it saves time  and although arguable, saves cost!Internet bookings are most relied upon because of reviews which in one way or the other act as a guide to making the ultimate decision about your travel. However, using travel agent may be viewed as traditional but as the saying goes...old is gold and this is why....

1. Travel agents are personal - There is always satisfaction in knowing that you can call someone and they give you reassurance of giving you a refund or chasing up the airline for an upgrade and all these small things here and the real life flowers that they will send on your birthday are so much better than the e-card!

2.Travel agents offer local insight and advice on important documents - Visa, health documents, passport expiry, these are just but a few of the documents that booking a ticket online will not remind you off!

3. Travel agents provide the best value - Even though the internet is believed to give cheaper options, it is not possible to twist the arm of an internet to make sure you even get an even better deal! With agents you are always in a position to negotiate...

4. Internet challengesNo refunds or changes, hidden Fees,online difficulties these are some of the challenges faced!

5. Peace of mind -There is something appealing about knowing someone else is running around for you even when things go wrong! 

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