Monday, January 31, 2011

Northern-Rangelands Trust: Northern Kenya's Angels

Timeless times we have spoken about organisations that work effortlessly for the purpose of aiding and developing communities in Kenya.Organisations that put out their best working arm to make sure that they conserve our nature and our resources.We would specifically like to talk about Northern-Rangelands Trust who are a result of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy (a non-profit organisation) whom in 2004 historically acted as a catalyst for the establishment of community conservation initiatives in northern Kenya.Individuals from Lewa teamed up with the government, private and community conservation initiatives to develop the Northern Rangelands Trust.
Ever since, NRT have done countless work to promote the collective management of ecosystems in order to improve human livelihoods ,biodiversity conservation and rangeland management.According to a newsletter they sent out this week, they plan to launch the year with tough but hopefully achievable challenges in specific:

1. The establishment of a predtor-proof Hirola sanctuary in the Ishagbini Hirola Community Conservancy plus a total count of the remaining Hirola in Kenya.

2. Ongoing discussions with the communities and Government on the potential reintroduction of black rhinos in a community sanctuary in northern Kenya

3.The return of the Rothschild's giraffe,also known as Baringo Giraffe,to Lake Baringo

We as Uniglobe Lets Go Travel support NRT in their efforts to protect animals and their continuous community developments projects to their over 12 conservancies,naming just but a few Il ngwesi, Kalama, Ruko, Sera etc

As for you, here is how you can help NRT to achieve their goals and sustaining their developments:

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