Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Facts About The Rhino That You Did Not Know!

It is believe that Rhinos have existed on Earth for more than 50 million years! Today, only five species of rhino survive.The Rhino animal is among those animals listed on the endangered species list with an approximation of about 25,000 remaining in the world!
1.White rhino: 18,000
2.Black rhino: 4,240
3.Greater One-horned rhino: 2,800-2,850
4.Sumatran Rhino: 200
5.Javan Rhino: 40-50
The Extinct Rhino: 
Woolly Rhino....
Rhinos have a long and distinguished history, even longer than that of Human Beings!They were so diverse that some were like giraffes, some like horses, some like hippos, others like modern rhinos. The extinct rhinos were also more widespread occurring in North America and Europe in addition to Africa and Asia. Some of the Extinct Rhinos include: 
  • Paraceratherium, the largest land mammal that ever lived, resembles a very big,muscular giraffe.
  • Telecoeras, a single horned, hippo-like grazer common in North America. 
  • Woolly Rhinos(Coelodonta antiquitatis), probably the most well known of the extinct rhinos.
Paraceratherium Rhino...
Interesting facts about Rhino's that you did not know?
  1. Rhino's May look very tough, but their skin is very sensitive especially to sunburn and biting insects which is why they like to wallow in mud!  
  2. Rhino's horns are made of Keratin, just like finger nails  plus they grow throughout their lifetime.

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