Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lakes of Kenya;Life in each one of them.

Kenya is widely known for it's wealth in nature,wildlife and the people's culture.Kenya has great scenic sites and one that captures the hearts of many is the high number of lakes that can be found in this equator astride lying East African country.

Lake Victoria - Also known as the eye of the Rhino,the lake was named for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom,by John Hanning Speke, the first European to visit the lake.It is a main source of fishing in Kenya.

Lake Turkana - Formerly known as Lake Rudolph, it is the world's largest permanent desert lake and the world's largest alkaline lake!The area is considered as the cradle of humankind due to the abundance of hominid fossils found by anthropologists.

Lake Bogoria - A saline, alkaline lake found a little north of the equator with its major inhabitants being the flamingo birds!

Lake Baringo - Just as the other lakes, it is found in the rift valley, after Lake Turukana.It is one of the two fresh water lakes the country.

Lake Naivasha -A freshwater lake,lying north west of Nairobi. The name is derived from the loacl Masaai name Nai'posha meaning "rough water"

Lake Nakuru - One of the Rift valley soda lakes. It contains high algae thus attracting a vast quantity of flamingos on the shores. Lots of birds can be found in the lake area so as large mammals with black and white rhinos being among them.

Lake Elementaita - 120km northwest of Nairobi, Lake Elementaita is a soda lake.The name was derived from the Masaai word Muteita, meaning "dust place" due to the dry and dusty quality of the area.

Lake Magadi - A saline, alkaline lake located in the southernmost part of the Kenyan Rift valley. It is well known for the birds that frequent the area.

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