Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Giraffes that used a boat to cross a Lake...

A few weeks ago, we did a blog on how Rothschild Giraffe was a candle burning out? Well, it looks like Northern Rangelands Trust are making sure that, that will not be the case!

The Giraffes above were caught on camera while being moved to Lake Baringo Island whilst on a plan to keep them on the secluded Island not for a vacation, but for the sole purpose of reproduction. Even though the idea sounds far fetched, it is a step closer to saving the Rothschild population, a  hope that we would love to cling on. 

Have you got any ideas on how we can save this Giraffe population?

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  1. Efforts like these are a good way to start but generally we need to translocate populations to areas that are devoid of poaching and predation and i do not mean zoos and private home as pets. We can also enrich the genetic pool by getting a few from outside the country on a loan basis for the purposes of breeding. Otherwise the risk is that the populations may decline to a level where they are no longer genetically viable due to lack of gene pool variety.