Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be Classic By Traveling By Train

Trains are know to be of a classic nature with the first train in East Africa having been used in the 19th Century and was known as the Lunatic Express. When we think of trains we cant help but imagine how  it must have been in the early days with 'Ladies' in their olden day attires and 'gentlemen' in their suites boarding the train!Perhaps this is because of the many 'TCM ' movies we have seen with that scene. (LOL!)

The train is not only a classic experience but you get to view scenery  while in the comfort of your cabin. If you are traveling to Mombasa from Nairobi you get to go on what i call a game rail in Tsavo Park considering it is not on road so cannot be termed as a game drive.You get to view the animals at no fee at all which is remarkable! Another sparkle in using the train is that you have the option of having meals in their train restaurant and with that you enjoy dinning using their silver ware which we must say is beyond beautiful.

Riftvalley Railways, the company that runs the railway system in Kenya further gives us valid reasons as to why you should use the train on your next travel:
  • If you are a business person, take advantage of the cost savings and peace of mind available to you by using the new railway system to transport your goods through out Kenya and Uganda.

  • If you simply want to travel around in style and comfort, whether on holiday or business, use the railway system and get your money's worth.

  • Traveling around Kenya and Uganda will never be the same thanks to the newly re-furbished railway system.
All in all, if we were to recommend the rail system we would definitely give it a thumbs up, however be warned, if you are on a tight schedule it may not be the best due to rail accidents such us derailments etc.

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  1. The train travel is the wonderful travel for the travelers. We can be able to see all kind of natural scenarios while traveling through train. Travel by train to Uganda safaris to see gorilla is the most unforgettable moment for the people.

  2. Yes, travel by train is awesome. Thanks for your comment. :)