Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shark Attacks at the Red Sea

 Highly unusual shark attacks have been reported in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheik. This past weekend saw a 70 year old German lady wash up to shore at Naama Bay near the Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheik Hotel, a shark having torn off her right thigh and elbow.

Four attacks had taken place the previous week, with 3 Russians and 1 Ukrainian left with terrible injuries.One of the Shark victims is reportedly said to have lost her right hand and left leg while another sustained injuries to her back plus lost a hand!

Egyptian authorities had placed a ban on entering the water at the hugely popular resort after the first attacks, but then relaxed it after two sharks which were thought to be the culprits were caught.Unfortunately, that was not long lived because the next day after the sharks were reportedly caught, a witness  Nick Treadwell,  went to Ras Mohammed for a diving trip,set off on a boat with 10 snorkelers and a couple of people experienced the horror of facing to be shred into pieces with sharks!

He says that while they were under water about 14 meters with an instructor, looking up they saw above the scuba divers and below the snorkelers, a large shark, more than 2 meters long,slowly circling the group! The instructor free-dived down a few meters and then started corkscrewing to the surface, blowing bubbles, to try to scare the shark away.

He went to the top and shouted, 'Shark, shark, shark - everyone get to the reef !' Everyone started swimming as fast as they could, because the reef was too shallow for the shark, so it would be a safe place. But there was an older lady, probably in her late 60s, who was slightly hard of hearing, and she was delayed. The shark started coming towards her, and she ended up kicking it in the face a couple of times, and using her underwater camera to whack it over the head. She got away, but she had cuts all over her legs.''

Speaking on Monday 6th Dec 2010, the South Sinai Governor, Mohammed Shosha, said: ''We did catch the sharks,'' before adding, ''There is another shark.''

The attacks are a strange, sudden and frightening occurrence for a resort known for the beauty and safety of its waters but a living horror for those who have experienced the Shark attacks!

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