Monday, December 20, 2010

Domestic Tourism

This weekend, a local Television station did a feature on domestic tourism and how Kenyans have come to discover that going on a safari does not mean you require thousands of shillings or you have to be a rich business man!Following this report,three major facts were highlighted;

1. Where do you want to go?This could be guided by a number of factors such us,is it a romantic getaway or family getaway?What sort of activities do you enjoy..swimming  or camel riding?snorkeling or wildlife viewing?Are you interested in historical sites or religious sites?

2. How much do you want to spend?Budgeting is part of life and having a budget means that you will not be straining your financial means.Before deciding on your trip, it is always advisable to look at options so that you are certain that what you are picking is pocket convenient.

3. What season is best to travel? In most cases it is advisable that if you are a resident, low season is the time to take advantage!Most lodges and hotels have great discounts which at times go as low as 40% off the high season rates!

With these points in your head, it is also important to get professional advice from your favourite agent.They always make it much easier considering, it is their job to help you!

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