Saturday, December 4, 2010

Caught up with Christmas that you forgot about theJamuhuri weekend?

As the topic suggests, once we hit December on our calenders every other event seems to be forgotten!It is only natural because everywhere you go, be it in a supermarket or a shopping mall, be it on your car radio as you drive to work or simply on a telephone call that you have been put on hold, all you seem to hear and see is nothing but Christmas!This is good because it means the festive time is here and it translates to; Time to spoil yourself....

More often or not, we tend to overlook opportunities that are right before us.For example, you are still looking for availability over Christmas at the lodge that you had promised your family you would take them!Unfortunately you forgot to book in advance and now you are stuck on the wait list. Our question to you is, Why not have Christmas come early for you and your family and take that trip this long Jamuhuri weekend?!

We have a list of over 600 hotels and lodges, plus over 400 safari itineraries and lots of specials that you could choose from! Then why wait until Christmas to go for that holiday? Take advantage now!!

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