Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Climbing Mt. Longonot

Every year the Uniglobe Let's Go Travel team organises a "team trip" which is meant to be an activity kind of safari. This year, we decided to challenge ourselves and climb Mt. Longonot. Truth be told....i think some of us underestimated how tough it could be but we also underestimated how strong our bodies are!
It was all set...

And here we go....

And the climb....

By the time we were getting half way Monica our chief accountant and I (Angela) - barely  3 months after baby delivery needed to catch our breath...haha

After 2 hours of tough climbing, we finally got to the peak

After getting to the peak, there those who felt they had the strength to circumnavigate the mountain and others who felt their bodies had had

And if you thought coming down the mountain was a simple task..think again! 

So what exactly do you need to take up climbing Mt. Longonot besides being physically and mentally fit ?

• Good pair of walking boots (broken-in) 
  A Hat
• Walking stick. An adjustable sprung loaded stick is best
• Camera, sun cream, plus your sweater that will be removed during the climb
• All of this hike is over rough ground and has all the hazards of hiking up steep inclines
• Don't under estimate dehydration. Drink water at the end of each section, and as required.
• Rucksack. Large enough to carry 2 x ½ litter of water plus few sandwiches to eat at the top
• The ranger's advice on all matters including your rate of progress should always be listened to
•Animals. There are numerous animals in the area; the most commonly seen is the giraffe or dik-dik.
• The crater can be circumnavigated, this takes another 4 hours via a narrow path. 

Do you think you and your friends and loved ones would be interested in taking up this challenge? If we did it...the you should  definitely do it, a happy-go spirit is all you need!


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