Friday, December 14, 2012

Giving back to the community in a simple way

We Uniglobe Let’s Go Travel love giving back to the community. We feel that it is right to share with the less fortunate and especially at this period (Christmas time), as it is a time to show and spread love.

Our staff arrive at the center and donate food stuff ....
Over the years we have always put aside USD 30 from the safaris we structure and sell to you and with each safari, we build a kitty that funds raised are given to a project that we identify is beneficial to our communities.

In the past we have built toilets for rural schools, as well as donated computers and also donated food stuffs and clothes to charity homes among others.

This year, our staff visited the Body of Christ Home, where they got to interact with the elderly and the children who stay there. Below is an open letter to the home’s director Pat Dixson from our staff who took time out of their schedule to spend time with these lovely people and children.

Dear Pat,

We want to thank you for the wonderful and inspiring work you are doing for the elderly and the orphaned children.

Orphaned children at the center perform on stage for our staff...:)
It was truly fulfilling helping to distribute the food to the elderly as they sang enjoyable songs and where they got their share of food donated through you. We were really amazed by the way all the people got each and every bit of what was given without any shortages, i.e., matches, cooking fat, ugali floor, paraffin, bread, money, etc

We were moved and touched by those little children at ‘’Body of Christ’’ who welcomed us, danced for us and the touching poems about them being orphans....and they were really thankful to Pastor Mbugua for providing them with shelter, food and education. They brought sunshine to the day in spite of the rain!

Next time, we hope to bring beddings such as blankets and clothes.

You truly are an inspiration to us and God bless you. We thank God for giving you so much strength to do this and pray that you continue with the same spirit.

Our best regards,
Catherine, Rosina, Susan, James and Paula

Uniglobe Lets Go Travel Staff

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