Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dubai Shopping Festival 2014

If there is something that all human beings have in common; it has got to be shopping! The Dubai Shopping Festival was started in 1996.The 32days event is the leading shopping event in the World. The first festival only attracted 1.6 million shoppers but over the last couple of years it has grown tremendous attracting over 3.35 million people!

The event kicked of on 2nd January 2014 and will run up untill 2nd February 2014.This event is dubbed as a shopper's heaven where you can get anything from the likes of imported designer watches, perfumes, jewelry,electronics,materials,house furniture, carpets etc at brand discounts ranging from 5% to 75%. The tax free discounted rates are not the only attraction of Dubai Shopping Festival, as you can win fabulous free gifts, bargain offers and raffle tickets. 

Dubai has rapidly emerged as the tourist capital of the Middle East and in the effort shopping in Dubai has been made largely tax free and merchants have been allowed to import products from other countries with very low or no custom duties.

We at Uniglobe Lets Go Travel have budget friendly packages to Dubai valid through out the festival and after the festival.

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