Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Update on Loisaba Ranch Fire

On 31st October 2013, we woke up to the news that Loisaba Lodge and Loisaba Private House had been destroyed by a bush fire; luckily no one was injured and personal belongings and artefacts were saved.

The fire is said to have started mid-morning, probably by pastoralists making tea on the north eastern boundary of the conservancy, and due to the dry bush, thick grass and very high winds being experienced that day, the fire travelled fast, often leaping 30 feet, and burned nearly 25,000 acres of grassland, as well as the Lodge and Private House, before it was put under control.

Even though precaution measures are in place in these lodges, bush fires happen occasionally, especially in the dry months. The Loisaba fire was particularly large and aggressive, but thanks to their teams, no-one was injured, and Loisaba Cottage, Kiboko Starbeds, conservancy headquarters and staff village were saved.

Loisaba community have passed their gratitude to their neighbours, the local community, the County Government and friends who committed time, men and resources to helping them fight the fire.

Due to the integrated nature of the Loisaba tourism operation, with the loss of the Lodge and the Private House the Loisaba management has had to take the tough decision to close down its tourism operations until further notice. Cheli & Peacock which are the lodge booking and marketing unit, released a brief on 5th November stating that it was in their firm belief that Loisaba would rise like the mythical Pheonix from the ashes of that tragedy to shine like the seven stars from which it takes its name.

We send our heartfelt apologies to the Loisaba Team and look forward to the reconstruction of the Lodge and private house.

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