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Introducing Segera Retreat - A new age of Tourism in Kenya

When we first heard of Segera Retreat, we read of it in the Financial Times. And as we may all know, a Retreat featured in the Financial Times must have something unique that most retreats in Kenya do not have.  

First and foremost, Segera Retreat is owned by German entrepreneur Jochen Zeitz, who was appointed as chief executive of Puma aged 30, he is now the director of luxury goods group Kering (whose brands include Gucci, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga). He is also the chairman of its sustainable development committee. A three-time winner of the Financial Times’s Strategist of the Year award, he also sits on the board of Harley-Davidson and, with a Benedictine monk, wrote The Manager and the Monk, a discourse on responsible and sustainable business, which has so far been translated into 15 languages!

It is said that he bought Segera in 2006, and hopes to spend three to four months of the year there, but has just opened it to the public. There are eight guest cottages; rates are between $880 and $1,280 per person per night.


Segera is the central wildlife sanctuary in Laikipia, situated in the wooded savannah and grasslands of the Laikipia Plateau at an altitude of 1 700 – 1 800 m (5 577 – 5 906 ft) and immediately north of the equator. Home to a vast array of animal, bird and plant life, Segera provides an important corridor for the migration of elephant and other wide ranging species.

Segera’s central location and expansive 20 000 hectares (50 000 acres) at the very heart of Laikipia ensures that it is essential to effective wildlife and habitat management for the Ewaso ecosystem as a whole, forming part of a vital migratory corridor and providing a permanent home to many endangered species.

The Retereat:

Six timber and thatch villas are raised above a profusion of botanical life in the Segera “Oasis” with its sculpture garden; their elevated wooden platforms look out onto the surrounding savannah, swing beds below providing the perfect shaded midday relaxation as well as for a night out under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of Africa.

The gracious Segera House and perfectly positioned Villa Segera boast similarly spectacular views and even greater privacy and luxury. Run on solar energy and water being sustainably harvested and recycled, the villas gaze out over the Laikipia Plateau towards the spectacular Mount Kenya.
Within the privacy of the villas, a large bedroom and en-suite bathroom fill the upstairs space under timber trusses. 

A private sun deck in the garden offers comfortable sun loungers for soaking up the African sun, while a Jacuzzi bath, sunk into the deck outside the bedroom, offers a unique vantage point. Each villa includes in its d├ęcor original, individually selected paintings and other art from a range of Africa’s most inspiring artists.

Why they stand out from the rest? 

Segera aims to achieve sustainability through a holistic balance of the 4Cs, operating a tourism retreat and integrated land-use enterprise whilst fostering community development, cultural stewardship and biodiversity conservation. As a founding member and flagship Long Run Destination, Segera is setting a new standard for sustainable tourism and is a driving force in promoting and developing sustainable thinking and practise. 

Segera Ranch is sustainability in action. It allows guests to ‘4C the future,’ catching a glimpse of a positive and sustainable future for all and providing inspiration and practises for guests to take home and adopt in their own lives.

In essence, by sharing the 4Cs concept and the philosophy of acting today for a better tomorrow, we are confident that our guests will reconnect with nature and embrace a new way of viewing their relationship with the natural world and other cultures.

 The 4C's

True to its belief that biodiversity is life, Segera is committed to biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources, safeguarding the integrity of the ecosystem of Laikipia.

People matter to Segera, as evidenced by its extensive efforts to contribute to and enhance the livelihood and wellbeing of its neighbouring communities and those throughout Laikipia.

At Segera we understand that our world is culturally diverse and therefore promoting intercultural respect and understanding is essential to safeguarding cultural heritage.

Commercial sustainability represents the central elements of creating long-lasting change and sustainability.

 How to book them? Call us or drop us an email and we will book them for you!

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