Saturday, May 19, 2012

What to avoid when staying in a hotel

Just when you thought you were done with all kinds of etiquette, you have another thing coming. Apart from office, phone, social, dining, mail, business etiquette; you can add hotel etiquette to the list.

And now you are probably wondering how you can get started. Well, we can point you in the right direction with a few guidelines: 

1.     Respect the staff. No yelling.

2.     Don’t tell anyone your room number.  

3.    Don't get defensive when the night desk agent asks to see your “new friend’s” identification.

4.    Let hotel employees into your room only after you have seen some I.D

5.    If you have lost anything, do not be quick to blame hotel staff. Look around your room thoroughly. 99% of the items that guests report stolen from their rooms are found by the guest. However, it is your right to ask the manager to call the police to file a police report.

6.    Don’t use the bathroom washcloths to take off your makeup or shine your shoes.

7.    Don't throw anything in the room garbage if you don't want the hotel staff to know about it, without properly disposing of it first.

8.    Check out of your room at the stipulated check-out time. If you need more time, ask the manager.

9.    Don’t leave your luggage unattended to anywhere outside the confines of your room

10.  If you have forgotten anything in your hotel room, go on, call the hotel after you’ve checked out, and I promise they will send your forgotten stuff. Yes, even the unmentionables.

Happy Travel!

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