Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Easter bunny is about to stop by and say Hello!

Days seem to be moving faster than you anticipated and it seems like just the other day you were celebrating love on Valentine’s Day and now there’s a bunny and eggs in every mall, shop or street you happen to pass by! You must be thinking to yourself, “Is it Easter time already?”  

Easter is a period where you recollect your faith as a Christian and embark on your religious journey; however it is also time to spend with your loved ones as you enjoy the festivities and indulge yourselves to the tasty food treats! But more is time to take a break and relax. 

However, to enjoy the break and get involved in the relaxing, it means you could choose to stay home and enjoy peace and quiet in your own serenity or it’s a great excuse to dial up your favourite travel agent (us) and take a short trip to one of the many destinations that we can offer!

Of course you must be thinking ... “Now they want me to break a bank?!” but the truth is, we work within your budget, so no need to stress yourself about the finances, plus we currently know the places that are already fully booked and places that still have availability, thus saving you time and energy and that annoying response from travel/tour co-ordinators “I am sorry sir, the hotel is fully booked..”

So try not to get caught up in the last minute Easter travel rush and book as early as yesterday, and give your loved ones that worthwhile, pocket friendly holiday that they have been dying to go for ever since the year took off.

Remember we have a list of over 600 hotels and lodges, plusover 300 safari itineraries and lots of specials that you could choose from! Take advantage now! And smile back at the Easter Bunny as he says hello, while you sip your cocktails by that resort’s pool or while on that trek in that much deserved safari.

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