Friday, January 13, 2012

January; A Traveller's Forecast

January is the month we love to complain about everything! It is the month we realise we over spent during the Christmas holidays and now we have too many bills pending! It is the month we make new year resolutions and swear that this time round we will stick through the resolutions! It is also the month where should agent or any holiday planner tell you that  you should go on a feel like you could strangle them because it is as though they are mocking you considering all the bills you have pending!

Have you ever considered planning your holiday getaway trips for 2012 as early as now? In recent past, we blogged about how planning your trips in advance could save you money and with the economists forecasting a rise in inflation on all world markets this could mean if you do not plan now, you may have to wave goodbye to your getaways!

Depressing as that sounds, this does not mean that your holidays have to come to an end. It just means that you have to take our advice and plan now. Look at the calender dates and pick your prefered dates and start your search now by comparing options with what fits your budget but at the same time choosing what you want to experience during you holiday...

In just a few weeks from today, Valentine's day is upon us. There so many offers currently in the East African market especially weekend getaways for couples! Also in about two months the long Easter weekend is approaching and serves well as an option to treat yourself to a holiday, so why not take advantage? 

Planning ensures that not only do you get to save some money but it also gives you ample time to pick a destination that you wanted and not just pick what was available; more so, it gives you peace of mind  to know you do not have to hustle up the last minute to find availability for your desired destination!

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