Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Travellers Philanthropy; Giving back to our communities

Travellers Philanthropy is the giving by travellers to more causes they see along their travels that they feel could do with help. Throughout the world, travellers and travel companies are giving financial input, time, and help with talent to help improve the well being of local communities. This emerging movement is helping to support and empower these communities by providing jobs, enhancing their skills, uplifting their health care, education, and environmental awareness and concern.
Community run lodge that we support - IL Ngwesi Lodge
We (Uniglobe Lets Go Travel) felt it that it is a moral obligation for us to help the communities that strive in making sure tourism keeps running thus came up with a scheme to ensure our plan works.Included in the costing of many of our own operated safaris and holiday packages is a sum that is usually included in your final bill for your holiday, and which is carefully set aside in a specific Travellers Philanthropy account and will be used for the particular projects the we have identified as worthwhile and given our approval.

We add to the cost of your holiday the sum as shown below:
  • 1 to 2 days $ 10 per person for that duration
  • 3 days $ 30 per person for that duration 
  • 4 days and more $100 per person for that duration
In some cases some clients wish to contribute more to this amount and therefore we always suggest that you notify us at the time of booking for it to be adjusted.However, there are people who already make other arrangements prior to their travelling and would prefer not to participate in this contribution, and in such a case we request that the client please advise us and we shall remove it.

Each year we identify particular projects and try to support them with payments in full from the amounts contributed by you, our travellers, to this Philanthropy account. We contribute 100%, and absorb any costs in getting these funds to the project, as well as contributing our own efforts, time and energies to them as well. 

We thank and appreciate all those who work with us in making these identified projects a success and look forward to making Kenya a better place, especially for the less-fortunate communities.

Lets Go Travel Team

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