Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruma National Park ; The Antelope's Den

Initially known as the Lambwe Valley Game Reserve,but renamed as Ruma National Park following a request by the local community. The park was gazetted in 1966 and was established as a National Park in 1983 to protect its indeginous population of rare roan antelope,which exists nowhere else in Kenya.

The park lies in western Kenya,close to the shores of Lake Victoria and is situated in Lambwe Valley in South Nyanza, 140 km from Kisumu, 10 km east of Lake Victoria and South West of Homa Bay and 425 km west of Nairobi.The park has a captivating history that suggests that area had been so named by one of Kenya’s most powerful wizard, the much feared Gor Mahia who lived around the park. The park is largely of black cotton soil with surrounding area settled with a mix of small scale cultivation and grassy pasture land with compliments of  mosaic of landscapes ranging from revirine woodland and rolling savannah to magnificent escarpments and towering cliffs, Ruma National park promisies undiscovered wildlife treasures and undisturbed peace.

What to see and do?
1. The vivid and varied Landscapes.
2. The Refuge of the endangered Roan antelope also knonw as Korongo in swahili
3. The Orini Antelope
4. Realm of rare birds
5. Wildlife such as the Hyena, Impala,Vervet monkey, Leopard, Buffalo etc
6. Reptiles; the park is rich in reptiles such African spitting cobra,forest cobra,puff adder etc 


Where to stay?
There are no lodges within the park however there are two campsites Kamato and Nyati, plusa self catering guesthouse named after the Oribi Antelope, Oribi guesthouse.

 Courtesy of KWS

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