Monday, November 29, 2010

The return of Samburu Game Reserve equals to a Christmas Safari!

As most of you may have heard or seen, early this year massive floods hit Samburu in Northern Kenya, destroying millions of property and leaving many people marooned.The flooding was caused by the bursting of Ewaso Nyiro river's banks following heavy rains around the Mt. Kenya and Aberdare Ranges.

Ewaso Nyiro is the heart and life of the Samburu National Park and Shaba Game Reserve, having that the wildlife in the area are attracted to the river banks which in turn offer the main touristic attraction, which results to the community benefiting from the tourists money!

Due to the flood a high number of lodges, especially those that were built close to the river bank were washed away a situation that caused high panic and frustration to the tourists who were staying at the lodges. The tourist had to be evacuated in a  dramatic way,cutting short their safari. This left an ill taste to the lodge owners because they had to re-build, compensate tourist among other repercussion.This disastraous event also watched the drop of tourism in the area and lots of  unemployment.

However, after dark does come sunrise and we can comfortably say that after a couple of months not featuring in the buzzing  Kenyan tourism industry, Samburu is back!

A majority of the lodges that closed down are now re-opened, re-furbished and definitely better than before, with more than 80% of the lodges confirming that they will be open by 1st December 2010.

For most people planning to take a holiday this christmas, this is the time to take advantage of the re-opening  lodge rates.Most of these lodges / luxury camps have special offers that will run all through December.
The question we pose to you is;why not take this opportunity and sample the wild instead of have the usual Christmas getaway?!

We at Lets Go Travel are always here to inform you of the best travel / tours deals  and this one we could not let it pass you by. Contact us for Samburu specials Christmas bookings and advice on which lodge / camp is the best to stay at while enjoying your Christmas Safari!

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Merry Christmas Everybody!!

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